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We are the regional talent magnet.

Our economy has global-minded talent. With competitive costs and highly-skilled professionals, we are prepared for the challenges brought by the new economy. Positioned as Latin America’s leader in education.

  • 30 of the region’s 150 +best universities (THE 2019).
  • +1,262, 000 university students & +202,000 annual graduates (Mineduc 2018).
  • Between 2005 & 2017, applications for temporary employment  visa have risen 35% annually. In the case of subject-to-employment visas, the annual increase is 26%.
  • Chile facilitates the arrival of overseas professionals and technicals for the technology sector with a Tech Visa – Talent Attraction Program (launched in July 2017). During 2018, applications were increased in 164%.
  • Alphabetization 98%.




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